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Andrea C.


I was intrigued by what Alluster had to offer because they included a pickup, storage and a return. Having to move between two homes, the service was a useful alternative to getting friends and family involved. The staff are amazing and I won't hesitate to use the service in the future, as well as recommend it to family, friends and colleagues.

Tim H.


I just used Alluster's service to move my things (including large items such as bed frame, couch and other furniture) out of my old condo, store it for a month, then put it all back into my new condo in Toronto. The experience was seamless; all I had to do was to book the elevators and pack a couple things into blue bins. The quality of service was excellent. I would definitely recommend this service.

Krista B.


Absolutely 10/10. Would recommend Alluster to everyone. I was in a bit of a pickle when I had to be out of my apartment May 1st and didn't get the keys to my new place until June 1st, and in they came to save the day. They are so helpful and pleasant and were totally understanding when I forgot some things on the first pickup. I will be using them for all my storage needs from now on and am so happy I found them!

Maria Jose A.


Totally recommend it! They know what they are doing and they are really efficient and punctual in terms of time.

Paul L


Used these guys and they were on it. Great communication and online portal was good too! Would use again!